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PAKISTAN PEST CONTROL is authorize to carry out all Quarantine requirements regarding Fumigation and our Certificates are accepted worldwide. We are also specialized in Fumigation / Disinfestations of residential & commercial building / project besides export cargoes Fumigation




>  Established in 1979.  




>  Member: Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry.


>  Approved Fumigator lists of A.Q.I.S Australia.


>  Treatment Certificate are acceptable in Australia , New Zealand, USA, Europe, China, Middle East & Other Countries.


>  Services are appreciated by many respectable Clubs / Members of LION CLUBS INTERNATIONAL. 







Fumigation is a process of exposing insects or material infested by insects to the fumes of a chemical at a lethal strength in an enclosed space for a given period of time. Fumigant is a chemical, which at a required temperature and pressure can exist in the gaseous state in sufficient concentration to be lethal to a given pest organism. Fumigation is the introduction of the toxic gas in high concentration so that the gas pervades the entire area and kills the insects prevalent and thus preserve the precious cargo of the customer.

Treatment By Fumigation are:

  • Godowns/ Warehouses/ Silos/ Flour mills/ Empty ship holds Fumigation
  • Stuffed & Empty containers of Export/Import at Port/Inland Container Depot (ICD)/Container, Freight Stations (CFS) and at House Stuffing Points.
  • In-transit Fumigation-Commodities Onboard, Barges etc.,
  • Termite Control Treatment during (Pre & Post Construction) Stage as per PSI standards with Guarantee.
  • Rodent control & De-ratting of Ships.
  • Disinfestation Of Warehouses & plants.
  • General Pest control services.
Fumigation is the process where a highly toxic Fumigant such as Methyl Bromide or Phosphine are used to eradicate pests and insect from products, produce or a location.

The process involves the Fumigation complete covering or sealing of the product or item with canvas, having plastic sheets & taping to make it as airtight as possible. The Fumigant gases is then released into the sealed area or compartment. The duration of exposure varies from 8 hours to 48 hours, depending on the product to be fumigated and the type of fumigant used as per temperature & requirement

Fumigation is a Quarantine requirement for countries such as Australia , New Zealand and China before goods are admitted into the country.

Items we fumigate include:-
  • Timber
  • Wooden/Pallets Packing Material
  • Furniture
  • Tobacco
  • Rice & other Food Stuff.
  • Wooden sports goods.

After treatments we issue Certificates & if require also arrange Govt's Phytosanicary Certificates verifying are our treatments.





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